Product Overview

OTS rubber surfacing tiles are an ideal choice for a range of applications, from safety surfacing needs to specialized uses in a variety of facilities.

The Smart Alternative to Traditional Surfaces

Our rubber surfacing tiles combine safety, simplicity, cost effectiveness, and ease of maintenance. They’re easier to install and repair than poured-in-place surfaces and less expensive to maintain than engineered wood fiber surfaces, sand, or other loose-fill alternatives.


Our rubber surfacing tiles offer versatile injury reduction capabilities to meet your safety surfacing needs.

Playground Safety Surfacing

  • Provides reliable protection in a variety of settings and weather conditions
  • Manufactured under factory-controlled conditions, so every lot is consistent in its ability to reduce the risk of injury


OTS rubber surfacing tiles are easy to install and maintain, saving you time and money.

Rubber Track Surfacing

    • Provides reliable protection in a variety of settings and weather conditions
    • Simple to install (average-sized playgrounds generally take one day), whether professionally installed or as part of a community-build project
    • Easy and economical to maintain
    • Unlike poured-in-place surfaces, G-Flex tiles may be repaired or replaced without specialized training or equipment
    • Made of monolithic tiles on raised pedestal feet; the G-Flex system provides optimum drainage and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and other climatic conditions
    • Easy to clean by sweeping or washing with mild detergent and water


    Our rubber surfacing tiles are durable and resistant to damage for years of trouble free use.

    Athletic Safety Surfacing

      • Will not delaminate
      • Made from recycled rubber particles bonded with high quality polyurethane to resist damage from temperature fluctuations and other extremes
      • Provides a dependably durable surface
      • Takes daily playground pounding better than loose-fill materials such as engineered wood fiber and sand


      A cost-effective surfacing solution, OTS rubber tiles offer many long-term economical advantages over alternative options. 

      Rubber Surfacing Tiles

      • The logical choice for easy and economical maintenance
      • More cost effective than "low cost" loose-fill substitutes such as sand and wood fiber surfaces, which offer a lower initial investment but require regular maintenance
      • Economical to customize by painting your own game layouts or graphics directly onto the G-Flex surface. (Special inlaid patterns are available from our Designer Series.)

      G-Flex™ is environmentally friendly. It’s made from recycled tire rubber in non-toxic formulations that are 100% free of mercury, lead, cadmium or other heavy metals.

      G-Flex™ is a voluntary participant in a third-party quality monitoring agreement with the United States Sports Surfacing Laboratory.