Equine Pavers and Tiles

Equine Pavers and Tiles

Our EquiPave™ rubber pavers are an innovative option for equestrian surfaces. The rubber flooring is versatile, durable, and stylish enough to meet a range of needs.

EquiPave™ Rubber Flooring


  • A popular choice for aisles, wash racks, breeding areas, paddocks, walkouts and winner circles in acclaimed thoroughbred farms and racing facilities.


  • A proven protective surface, EquiPave™ rubber pavers provide sure footing and help prevent injury due to kicks and falls.


  • EquiPave™ rubber pavers provide shock-absorption and slip resistance, as well as unparalleled aesthetic enhancement for the most discriminating facilities.


  • An easy-to-maintain and durable surface, for all types of equine or other large animal rubber flooring needs.


  • Used in breeding barns, zoos, and veterinary clinics for animal fitness and protection. Also, suitable for dog fitness areas and show rings.